My website: While on a non-mobile device, you can navigate this website like it's a desktop computer, opening new windows by clicking on the buttons below and moving windows around using their title bar. I made my website a little differently than most, so you can click on the buttons below to see what I've done. If you want to bring something from this site into your browser just click the title of its window.

Me: I'm a high school student who loves math, white hat hacking, computer science (both practical and theoretical), and high school CS competitions. I've tried to collect my interests and projects so that you can see them. I used Ventus to make this site. As noted above, I modified several parts of it to suit my needs.

I am the President and Founder of HSCTF, an international week-long cybersecurity and programming competition educating over 2,300 high school students from 250 U.S. high schools and 40+ countries. In a CTF, teams compete online to solve increasingly difficult challenges for points (learning as they progress). HSCTF was the first CTF (and contiues to be the largest) designed and run by high school students. HSCTF was the first to extend the CTF model beyond computer secrurity (cryptography, reverse engineering, forensics, and recon) to include other areas of computer science such as the design and analysis of algorithms and programming languages. HSCTF 1 and 2 were sponsored by Facebook, among others. HSCTF 3 will take place May 2016.

I am the President and Founder of HSCS.io, an incubator to help high schools launch their own cybersecurity competitions. After HSCTF ran the first time, I was contacted by students wanting help creating their own high school CTFs. HSCS.io has helped 6 CTFs launch to-date with over 500 high schools participating in these competitions.

I'm JacobEdelman on Github and have done a lot of programming projects. You can see a large amount of them on my github account, including this one!

I'm jac on Keybase.io where I have verified several items, including this website using jacobedelman.com/keybase.txt.

My email is me@jacobedelman.com.